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Gender disclosure rules can make a differenceECGI Blog
The Impact of a Principles-Based Approach to Director Gender Diversity PolicyHarvard Law School Forum on Corporate Governance’s blog
Trading in Textbooks for NewspapersDirectors&Boards Newsletter
T-Mobile's eccentric CEO isn't the right person to lead WeWorkCNN Perspectives
WeWork for ADam NeumannEthical Boardroom Magazine, Autumn 2019/content-sub-site/Documents/For-Publications/EB_Autum2019_CharlesElson_DPS.pdf
THE PURPOSE DEBATE Three Problems With the Stakeholder TheoryDirectors & Boards 2019 Third Quarter
SOX’s Financial-Expert Requirement 15 Years LaterDirectors & Boards Magazine Annual Report 2018/content-sub-site/Documents/For-Publications/DBAR18_ACFE.pdf
Unequal Voting and the Business Judgement RuleHarvard law School Forum on Corporate Govenance and Financial Regulation
Snap's Not Looking to Chat with ShareholdersDirectors and Boards Magazine, Fourth Quarter 2017/content-sub-site/Documents/For-Publications/SnapChat DB Article DEC 1 2017.pdf
"On Leadership: An Interview with Kenneth C. Frazier, President & CEO of Merck & Co. Inc.ACC (2017)/content-sub-site/Documents/For-Publications/ACC-Ken_Frazier-QA-Article-MGP-11.16.17-sm1.pdf
Snap's Not Looking to Chat with ShareholdersDiredtors & Boards electronic magazine
E. Merrick Dodd and the Rise and Fall of Corporate Stakeholder Theory72 Business Lawyer 735 ( Summer 2017)
ExxonMobil and the 'Rexit' retirement packageEthical Boardroom
How Delaware May Be Dethroned and Why It Should NotHarvard Law School Froum on Corporate Governance and Financial Regulation/content-sub-site/Documents/For-Publications/2016-03-31-how-delaware-may-be-dethroned-and-why-it-should-not_2.pdf
Climate change and the corporate board: Too hot not to handle?Directors & Boards magazine, First Quarter 2017/content-sub-site/Documents/For-Publications/DB1Q17_Elson_Climate%20Competent.pdf
The Government’s giant shadow in the boardroom (PDF)Directors & Boards magazine, Second Quarter 2016 /content-sub-site/Documents/For-Publications/Directors-_Boards_Q2-2016_Govt-Shadow-in-Boardroom.pdf
FMA Roundtable on New Developments in European Corporate Governance 29 Journal of Applied Corporate Finance 50 (Winer 2017)
The Bug at Volkswagen: Lessons in Co-Determination, Ownership and Board Structureco-authored with Craig K. Ferrere and Nicholas Goossen— 27 JOURNAL OF APPLIED CORPORATE FINANCE 36 (2015)the-bug-at-volkswagen
The Compliance Conundrum (PDF)Ethisphere, Fall 2015/content-sub-site/Documents/For-Publications/The-Compliance-Conundrum_Ethisphere.pdf
The pay ratio rule: Get ready, get going (PDF)Directors & Boards magazine, Third Quarter 2014/content-sub-site/Documents/For-Publications/Elson-Q3-2014_Pay-Raio-Rule.pdf
Comment Letter – Farm Credit Administration (PDF)April 29, 2014/content-sub-site/Documents/For-Publications/Comment-Letter_Farm-Credit-Administration_April-2014.pdf
William P. Lauder on governing the controlled corporation (PDF)Directors & Boards magazine, Annual Report 2014/content-sub-site/Documents/For-Publications/AR-2014-Lauder-article.pdf
A New Kind of Captured BoardDirectors & Boards magazine, First Quarter 2014captured-board
Comment Letter – Securities and Exchange Commission (Pay Ratio Disclosure) (PDF)December 4, 2013/content-sub-site/Documents/For-Publications/Comment-Letter-Pay-ratio-disclosure.pdf
Surplus, Agency Theory and the Hobbesian Corporation (PDF)Wake Forest Law Review, Fall 2013/content-sub-site/Documents/For-Publications/Surplus-Agency-Theory-and-the-Hobbesian-Corporation_091113.pdf
Executive Superstars, Peer Groups and OvercompensationJournal of Corporation Law, Spring 2013executives-superstars
Peer Groups – Understanding CEO Compensation and a Proposal for a New Approach (PDF)Directors Notes, The Conference Board, April 2013/content-sub-site/Documents/For-Publications/Peer-Groups_Directors-Notes.pdf
When Searching for a CEO, there’s No Place Like HomeThe Wasll Street Journal, 10/29/12
Dual Class Stock: Governance at the Edge (PDF)Directors & Boards magazine, Third Quarter 2012/content-sub-site/Documents/For-Publications/DB-Dual-Shares-Q3-2012-Cover-and-Article.pdf
Compensation and the Myth of the Corporate SuperstarHarvard Business Review, February 1, 2012
What is a CEO worth? Don’t look to peers (PDF) Directors & Boards, Q3 2011/content-sub-site/Documents/For-Publications/Directors-Boards-What-is-a-CEO-Worth.pdf
Report of the Round Table on Proxy Governance (PDF)August 2011/content-sub-site/Documents/For-Publications/Roundtable_end-to-end-vote-confirmation.pdf
Punting Peer Groups: Resolving the Compensation Conundrum (PDF)BNA Corporate Governance Report/content-sub-site/Documents/For-Publications/Punting-Peer-Groups.pdf
Report of the Study Group on Corporate Boards “Bridging Board Gaps” (PDF)2011/content-sub-site/Documents/For-Publications/Bridging-Board-Gaps_StudyGroupFINALprinterversion1-1.pdf
The Great Divide (PDF)Directors & Boards magazine, First Quarter 2010/content-sub-site/Documents/For-Publications/DB-Great-Divide-Cover-Q1-2010-2-Cover-and-Article.pdf
Director term limits come up for review (PDF)Directors & Boards magazine, Second Quarter 2008/content-sub-site/Documents/For-Publications/DB-Ray-Troubh-Term-Limits-Cover-and-Article.pdf
Ed Woolard: A life in governance (PDF) Directors & Boards, Fall 2000/content-sub-site/Documents/For-Publications/Woolard-Article.pdf
Why Do Companies Going Public Choose Controversial Governance Structures, and Why Do Investors Let Them?The Columbia Law School Blue Sky Blog

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