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IRRC Historical Materials

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‚ÄčThe following historical IRRC materials are available:

  • File of memoranda on the establishment of a first corporate governance research service for investors covering the UK.  The earliest dates from 1988.
  • File of memoranda on the establishment of a first corporate governance research service for investors covering France. These are exchanges between IRRC and the individual who was planning to found a CG research firm in Paris. 
  • File of 29 newsletters published by IRRC aimed at covering developments in corporate governance worldwide. Issues were produced quarterly from Autumn 1990 as separate publications from IRRC's domestic corporate governance newsletter. The two merged beginning with the January-March 1996 issue.
  • File of 5 research reports in 1990 and 1991 prepared by IRRC's Global Shareholder Service for a consortium of institutional investors created by IRRC to explore shareholder rights and corporate governance issues outside the US.  Briefings in 1990 cover basic issues such as how to vote proxies in select markets. The 1991 report is a profile of the global proxy season.
  •  Stephen Davis, Shareholder Rights Abroad: A Handbook for the Global Investor (IRRC 1989) was the first book to address corporate governance and share voting outside the US. It laid groundwork for creation of the investor consortium which, in turn, funded the founding of IRRC's Global Shareholder Service in 1990.
  • Corinna Arnold, Glossary of No-US Proxy Terms (IRRC January 1991).

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IRRC Historical Documents
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IRRC Historical Materials
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